How To Enable Delete Confirmation In Windows 10

Are you missing the Delete Confirmation in Windows 10, when you delete an item? If you have recently installed Windows 8 or Windows 10 and have started using it, you might have noticed that Windows is not showing a Delete Confirmation when you delete a file or folder. If you select a document or a file or a folder and tap on the delete key, the selected item is deleted without Windows showing you the Delete Confirmation message.

Delete Confirmation in Windows 10

This appears to be a default setting on fresh or clean installs of the Windows OS.

If you like this feature, then you can leave it as it is. Remember, all deleted items still go to the “Recycle Bin” on delete, unless you have used the “Shift+Delete” option.

Steps to Turn On Delete Confirmation in Windows 10

Enable Delete Confirmation in Windows 10

Go to Recycle Bin Properties

Delete Confirmation -Recycle Bin Properties

Go to the desktop view. Right Click on the Recycle Bin. In the displayed menu, select the “Properties” option.

Toggle Delete Confirmation

Delete Confirmation Windows 10

In the Recycle Bin Properties popup, check the “Display Delete Confirmation Dialog” option, and then click on Apply or Ok.

If you are uncomfortable with deleting items from your computer, without seeing the delete confirmation, then it’s a simple fix to enable the delete confirmation popup.

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