How To Delete Your Facebook Account in 3 Simple Steps

Facebook has seen phenomenal growth over the years, becoming one of the most used social media tools in the world with billions of users. What started off as a way to reconnect with friends, classmates, and relatives, has become the default connection to the internet and the wider world for many people. People use it post personal updates, share vacation and family pictures, consume news, learn DIY projects, share recipes, market their products and services, and much more.

As with all things good, there is usually a negative side. With Facebook, you worry about the privacy of your data and the risk of potential hacks from issues like this one. Or maybe it’s the fake news and the ability of third parties to influence public opinion on a large scale that turns you off. Or maybe you are just bored and don’t see the benefit of using this platform anymore.

Think Twice

Before we get into it, you may want to consider alternative options before you decide to delete your Facebook account. Once you complete the deletion process, there is no option to reverse or undo it; and you will have to start from scratch again if you want to rebuild your network. The alternative is to deactivate your Facebook account, instead of deleting it. To deactivate your Facebook account, follow the steps outlined in this article.

But if you have are sure of your decision, then follow the steps below to delete your Facebook account.

Steps to Delete your Facebook Account

Follow the steps below to delete your Facebook Account

Navigate to the Facebook Delete Option

delete your facebook account

Go to Down Arrow Menu > Your Facebook Information > Delete your account and Information. Click on View

Review the options before deletion

Delete Facebook Account Option

We recommend you download your information before you delete your account. If you are the admin of a Facebook page or have developer account apps, then ensure you address it before you proceed to deletion.

Delete Account

Delete Facebook Account Confirmation

Click on Delete Account, and follow steps to confirm the deletion.

Once you have confirmed deletion, Facebook gives you a 30 day grace period in case you change your mind. You will be able to log back in within 30 days and cancel deletion. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted, and you will not be able to access it further.

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Shashi Venkatesh
Shashi Venkatesh is a 20 year veteran of the technology industry, having worked with an IT Multinational with clients in the Telecom, Logistics, and Airline industry, working globally across America, Europe, and Asia. He enjoys reading and gaming and is an avid motorsport fan.

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