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Jasper AI Review – One Of The Best AI Content Generators


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A quick summary before you go into the details. Jasper AI is a fabulous product with a rich feature set. It is easy to use for beginners after going through the readily available training. The generated output is good quality. For users with high content volumes, the ROI will pay off. But as with any AI generated content, with Jasper AI too, you need to do your edits to 'humanize' the content. This Jasper AI review is an unbiased writeup after hands-on experience with the product.

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Jasper AI is a top-rated AI Content Generation tool. It has captured the attention of bloggers, marketers, and anyone needing written content. Jasper.ai utilizes the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, the AI Content Generator produces written content close to what humans might write.

I have written this Jasper AI review to explain why you should seriously consider it. You will get a broad understanding of its rating summary, product descriptions, pros & cons, and pricing. I have also noted the alternatives to Jasper at the end.

What is Jasper AI?

The first version of Jasper as an AI writing assistant was released in January 2021. It was earlier called Jarvis AI. The engine behind Jasper is GPT-3, which OpenAI developed. It has now evolved as a market leader in the AI copywriting tool segment.

The high quality of Jasper generated content is its hallmark. It is because marketing domain experts trained it. So it’s no wonder that Jasper AI review ratings by end users are hovering around 5 out of 5.

Jasper AI Review – User Rating Summary

Jasper Review Ratings Summary
Jasper AI Reviews Ratings Summary

Jasper AI Features

Jasper AI Features
Jasper AI Features

Jasper has an impressive bouquet of 50+ content creation templates for you to choose from. These templates cover various content type requirements – for example, Facebooks ads, Newsletter releases, personalized email subject lines, or complete blog articles.

Jasper offers a powerful document editor and is the best writing tool on the market. It enables you to write at lightning-fast speeds. It is a fabulous solution for authors who need to increase their productivity.

The key features of the Jasper AI tool are:

  • Plagiarism-free content – you can get it checked by Copyscape within the Jasper app. Copyscape is one of the best tools on the web for plagiarism check.
  • You can activate Grammarly within the Jasper editor. Grammarly enables writing without language errors.
  • You can create original content that ranks for Google SEO. With a SurferSEO integration, you can unlock the keywords needed to rank high on search.
  • You can tailor the output by commanding the AI to write what you want. The user-friendly and guided workflow process within Jasper makes it very simple.
  • Jasper has 50+ copywriting tools within its umbrella. You can effortlessly craft basic blog introductions or become a storyteller. These tools enable you to complete a lengthy article within minutes!

Further down in his post, I have shared details of how easy it is to use Jasper AI with three sample use cases.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is designed for us to have a natural conversation with AI – it feels human! You can simply ask the AI chatbot to generate blog post topic ideas, revise your content, or even give you a bedtime story.

It’s pretty simple to use:

Step 1: Start a conversation with Jasper Chat by asking a question or stating a command.

Step 2: You can continue your conversation by clarifying details or refining your request. You can go back and forth like a human conversation asking the bot to edit, expand, or any such command.

Step 3: You can finally send Jasper’s Chat into a document to complete your work.

Chrome Extension

It’s a basic install of the Jasper extension to your Chrome browser. With this extension, you get AI capability for your online content development workflow.

When you are online, the Jasper extension makes life easy. For example, you can intelligently respond to Quora answers, customer support tickets, or social media posts. In addition, you continue to have access to the 50+ AI templates to speed up the content generation process.

Surfer SEO Integration

This integration enables you to generate optimized content for the best keywords. It includes all the SEO best practices from Surfer SEO to get you top ranking on Google SERPs.

In this connection, here is an excellent two-hour YouTube video. It is delivered by Austin Distel, CMO of Jasper, and Michal Suski, Founder of Surfer. The lessons covered include the following. Don’t miss it!

Lesson 1 – Find the best keyword opportunities

Lesson 2 – Get clear on your content strategy

Lesson 3 – Create article outlines built for high rankings

Lesson 4 – Generate paragraphs quickly with AI

Lesson 5 – Refine existing content and optimize it further

Lesson 6 – See how customers do all this at scale

SurferSEO + Jasper = Write Content With AI That Ranks On Google Page 1
Jasper+SurferSEO training

Jasper Art

Jasper has an AI Art Generator to transform your creativity into an art output. Using it, you can get unique images or photos in seconds. It helps you generate a perfect graphic to complement your messaging.

With Jasper AI Art, you can generate high-resolution images too. They are royalty-free, for commercial use, and without a watermark.

The process of Jasper AI Art creation is straightforward:

  1. Prompt the AI: Access the tool and describe the image running through your mind in plain words. It’s best if you can do it without leaving any detail.
  2. Styles selection: Provide more inputs such as the medium (charcoal, oil , canvas, etc.) and mood as attributes of the artwork.
  3. Art Generation: Jasper uses your prompts for direction and generates four image options. All this happens in a matter of seconds by leveraging AI. You can save, share, or use the images without copyright issues.

Jasper offers their AI generator for free images if you sign up for 7-day trial. This gives you a good window to try all aspects of the Art tool. See Pricing section of this article for more details.

Generative Art AI by Jasper and other tools does raise ethical concerns of using machines for art. This needs deeper collaboration of all the stakeholders involved i.e. artists, AI technologists and regulatory bodies.

Multilingual Copies

You can generate blogs, marketing copies, landing pages and social media posts in 31 (and growing) languages. It gives you and your team an AI assistant to write creative copies for global markets. You will not need to deploy local translators.

The current list of languages you can generate content are:

Jasper - content output languages
Jasper – content output languages

Jasper AI Integrations

Jasper Integrations
Jasper Integrations

Surfer SEO

To integrate Jasper AI tools with Surfer SEO, you must have a valid Surfer SEO account. While using Surfer within Jasper, stay logged in within the same browser on a separate tab.

You can conveniently access the Surfer SEO sidebar tool within the Jasper app.

Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape powers the Jasper Plagiarism Checker and the integration enables it. Copyscape is the most advanced plagiarism detection software used by millions of users worldwide. It helps check if the text in any document has been used online earlier.

In Jasper’s pricing plans, Plagiarism checks are an optional add-on.

It is improbable that Jasper’s AI will produce text that has been published earlier. But an independent & reputed plagiarism checking tool veriies Jasper’s AI generated content. That sounds credible to many end users.

DeepL Translation

Although Jasper is primarily trained in English, they have partnered with DeepL to provide services in 31 languages (a growing number!). This translate feature helps you to cater to global audiences. With one click, you can set your preferred language as the default.

Language options are currently free in the beta phase. You can also change languages within each template as per your specific need.

How AI Content Generation Works In Jasper AI?

I have considered three different use cases as Jasper AI examples. With this, you can get a good understanding of how does Jasper AI work.

1. Facebook ad on Chat

Step 1: Provide a brief prompt on what you are looking for. Start the conversation with the bot by clicking the “Send” button.

Facebook ad on Chat - Step 1
Facebook ad on Chat – Step 1

Step 2: You get a ready copy to post as a Facebook ad. You can further edit it in a document, ask the bot to regenerate the copy, expand it, etc.

Facebook ad on Chat - AI Generated Content
Facebook ad on Chat – AI Generated Content

2. Press Release using Workflow

Step 1: Briefly describe the context and state the article’s length.

Press Release using Worflow - step 1
Press Release using Worflow- Step 1

Step 2: You get a ready draft for you to use as Press Release.

Press Release using Worflow - AI generated content
Press Release using Worflow – AI generated content

3. Create a blog in one click

Step 1: Provide inputs such as the topic, tone, intended audience, and the number of copies you would like.

Jasper - One Shot Blog Post (Step 1)
Jasper – One Shot Blog Post (Step 1)

Step 2: Upon clicking the “Generate” button, you get a ready blog! This process of writing blog posts takes less than 5 mins if you are clear about what you want. From here on, you can review the blog in detail. Then, you can prompt the AI to expand any section you’d like or bring more perspectives to a specific area.

Jasper - One Shot Blog Post (AI Generated ouput)
Jasper – One Shot Blog Post (AI Generated ouput)

AI Detection Score For Jasper AI Generated Article

We’ll use the blog post generated in the previous section as a test sample. I used Originality AI to test for AI detection and plagiarism.

Excellent results for Plagiarism Check, but originality.ai detected 75% AI content. See screenshots.

Plagiarism Check Results

OriginalityAI-Plagiarism result
OriginalityAI-Plagiarism result

AI Detection Results

OriginalityAI - AI detection result for Jasper AI
OriginalityAI – AI detection result for Jasper AI

These results again emphasize the need for content authors to do their homework. ‘Humanizing’ the machine-generated content will be needed for some time.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons


  • Great Writing productivity: It has comprehensive writing features to complete the content generation process faster. Examples are grammar checker, plagiarism checker, SEO integration, and more.
  • User friendly: The tool is beginner friendly, and you can quickly adapt to use the product features fully. Having a pre-built Workflow for high quality content generation process simplifies everything.
  • SEO optimized content: With the surferseo.com integration, the content is continually optimized for SEO. This optimization helps in the Google Search ranking.
  • Business Features: Large businesses emphasize information security while managing global teams. Jasper’s features make it easy for such enterprises to adopt without compliance hassles.
  • Fast evolving product: Jasper team is doing a great job of continually adding new features. These new features enrich the experience for end users.
  • High Quality Training: Jasper team highly recommends you go through the Jasper AI bootcamp training. It’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a better writer with Jasper AI tools.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Jasper AI customers consistently give rave reviews about their super responsive tech support. I haven’t yet needed to contact them!


  • Should do Fact check: As with any AI Content generator tool output, you must thoroughly do a fact-check before publishing.
  • Repetitive text: Sometimes, the long form content despite being high quality, may include repetitive text that you manually need to edit.
  • Pricing plans: A five day free trial is not helpful for beginner bloggers on a budget. In this short period, it may be challenging to understand the product’s full potential.

Jasper AI Alternatives

While Jasper AI is an excellent tool in many respects, here are the Jasper AI competitors you should know:

  1. Rytr is an excellent all-rounder AI Content Generator tool for beginners. Their generous free plan includes several advanced features like templates & Plagiarism checks.
  2. CopyAI is a good tool if you regularly have to write copies for Sales & Marketing purposes.
  3. Simplified stands out if you have a lot of images & videos along with high quality text content generation. It has outstanding features for video editing too.
  4. SmartCopy is a good choice for teams running marketing campaigns. The integrated AI Content writer with campaign management is a grboeat plus.
  5. QuillBot is your choice if you are looking to paraphrase short paragraphs.
  6. Writesonic is another tool competing hard with Jasper. Their paid plans have pretty competitive pricing.
  7. Content At Scale is a premium tool optimized for SEO friendly, long form blogs and essays.


Jasper AI Free Trial

Is Jasper AI free? You get a 7-day free trial where can try all the product features.

Here are a few pointers regarding Jasper’s Free Trial:

  • You need to provide your credit card initially to get a subscription. They will run an authorization transaction and reverse it immediately.
  • There’s no charge if you raise a support ticket to cancel, before the end of five days free trial period. You should be within the free Word credit limit.
  • If you want to continue after the 7 day trial period, you get charged based on the chosen plan.

Read this related post on 5 Best Free AI Content Generator Tools

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

I must mention that in the past, Jasper used to offer a Starter Plan that cost $24 per month only. But it was discontinued from January 2023. They also offered the Boss Mode which very popular. It was discontinued in May 2023.

Existing users on long-term plans are still able to enjoy its benefits, so that they have continuity. New users can no longer subscribe to this plan.

Below screenshot has the monthly fee, billed annually. You get a 20% discount when paid annually.

Jasper AI Pricing
Jasper AI Pricing

Which Pricing Plan To Pick?

All three plans give an unlimited number of AI-Generated wordcount. The features and functionality are more or less the same.

The major differences between each of the pricing plans are:

  • The number of user logins.
  • The number of memories.
  • Number of Projects.
  • Use of dynamic templates.
  • Email support Creator Plan and Live Chat Support for the other two Plans.
  • API access only for Business plans.

Creator Plan is suitable for an individual starting his/her high-quality content writing journey or works alone. Pro Plan is for a small team of six. Additional fees apply for each team member above the minimum 1.

A Business Plan is suitable when you don’t want any restrictions on the number of seats or features. For pricing in this plan, you need to contact Jasper (write to hey@jasper.ai)

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A quick summary before you go into the details. Jasper AI is a fabulous product with a rich feature set. It is easy to use for beginners after going through the readily available training. The generated output is good quality. For users with high content volumes, the ROI will pay off. But as with any AI generated content, with Jasper AI too, you need to do your edits to 'humanize' the content. This Jasper AI review is an unbiased writeup after hands-on experience with the product.Jasper AI Review - One Of The Best AI Content Generators