How To Change The Domain Name Servers On GoDaddy To Point To Siteground

If you have domain registered with Godaddy, and have your web hosting on Siteground, then you will need to change the domain name servers (DNS) to point to Siteground servers. This article explains the steps to make the change and how to check the DNS propagation status.

Find New Name Servers from Siteground

1. Siteground Login

Login to your SiteGround account at

2. My Account

Click on Websites in the SiteGround User area Menu

3. Site Tools

In the My Websites section, click on the Site Tools button

4. Name Servers

On the site tools page, you will find the Name Servers for your website listed in the Site Information section. Note down or copy both the servers. You will need to update this in your GoDaddy account

Update Siteground Name Servers on GoDaddy

5. Login to GoDaddy

Open a new tab, and log in to your GoDaddy account at

6. Manage Domains Section

After logging in to your account, click on your Account Name, to see the menu options, and then click on the Manage Domains menu link

GoDaddy Manage Domains

7. Select Domains

In the manage domains section, click on the Domain Name (let’s say, whose servers need to be changed

8. Manage DNS Settings

On the domain page, scroll down till you see the option to Manage DNS. Click on the link.

GoDaddy Manage DNS Setting

9. Current Name Servers

In the Manage DNS page, the current servers will be listed. This will be the default GoDaddy DNS servers. This is the entry that you will need to change to point your domain to Siteground instead of GoDaddy. Click on Change to modify the servers.

10. Opt for External Name Servers

The DNS Management page will show you the option to “Connect my domain to a website I’ve built” and “Enter my own Name Servers (advanced)“. Click on “Enter my own Name Servers (advanced)“.

11. Modify Name Servers

On this page, you will need to use the DNS Server URLs from SiteGround that you noted or copied earlier. Enter the Name Server entries in the two fields provided and click on “Save

12. Final Step – DNS Propagation

After saving the new servers in GoDaddy, the changes you need to make are complete. It usually takes up to 72 Hrs for the DNS change to propagate worldwide and reflect in your SiteGround Account. Normally, it happens within a few hours, and 72 Hrs is the outer limit. You can check the status here Enter your domain name, select the NS option, and click on Search to see the status.

If the DNS Propagation is complete, all the DNS check servers will list your new Siteground DNS servers instead of the servers from GoDaddy. The domain on GoDaddy now points to servers at Siteground. Please note, GoDaddy will not manage your DNS from this point onwards. Any future DNS changes will need to made in DNS Editor in the Siteground User area.

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Shashi Venkatesh
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