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QuillBot Paraphrase Tool: Check Out Why Its The Best


From blog posts to academic papers, rephrasing content is essential to writing. It helps you to present information in a fresh, engaging manner. You can also avoid plagiarism.

The QuillBot Paraphrase tool has received considerable attention in this space. QuillBot became famous as an AI Writing tool since this is considered the best paraphrasing tool. As per the QuillBot 2022 year summary, they had paraphrased 135 billion words in 2022, with 150 million users worldwide.

This article delves into this tool’s features, benefits, and workings.

I’ve been in the Tech industry for over two decades now. I have seen the Mobile, Internet, Big Data, and Cloud impacting our daily lives. In my opinion, Generative AI falls into the same category. A Microsoft survey concluded that 70% of their Generative AI users were more productive in 2023.

I have reviewed and used AI Content Generation tools in the last year or so. This review should be helpful for users who need a paraphrase tool.

To begin with, let’s take stock of the broader offerings by QuillBot.

1. QuillBot Feature Overview

QuillBot is not just a paraphraser but a full suite of content enhancement tools. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as the technology foundation to achieve its objectives.

You can retain the original intent while rewriting (paraphrasing) sentences, paragraphs, and documents. QuillBot is fast and straightforward to use without formal training.

What I like best about this AI-powered tool is its easy to start. You don’t need a login account to start trying the tool.

Most tasks can be completed by simply copying and pasting the source text. You get the output text with the click of a button.

QuillBot tools have the following features:

QuillBot Homepage
QuillBot Homepage

1. Paraphraser: It is the flagship tool of QuillBot, which rewrites your text. It improves the text’s readability, clarity, and overall quality. The tool gives options to customize the output with nine modes of settings.

I have covered this tool in detail in the subsequent section.

2. Grammar Checker: A tool that checks your content for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. You can complete your editing with less headaches and avoid grammatical mistakes. The recommended errors that you need to fix are underlined like Grammarly. So you know what to look for and a mouse over the error text reveals more details. 

It is within the same QuillBot toolset for Free. It is currently available in English, Spanish, German, and French.

3. Summarizer: This feature condenses long texts into shorter, concise summaries. You can control the output length by setting the slider position to your needs. This free tool allows you unlimited summarization without restrictions.

You have two ways to summarize. Using the Key Sentences option to can generate a bulleted list of the most significant sentences. In Paragraph mode, you can generate a cohesive new summary paragraph from the source.

4. Plagiarism Detector: It is a feature available with QuillBot Premium plans. It checks your content for potential plagiarism. The online analysis is real-time. So, it quickly and accurately reviews all instances of plagiarized text.

You can scan text in more than 100 languages. Examples are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese. The output result is a comprehensive color-coded report and score.

5. Translator: This free tool uses the power of AI to translate text from 30 different languages. It can quickly and accurately translate text to the target language.

The mobile-friendly webpage does not need local app installs and so forms a handy tool while travelling. As of now, you can translate 5000 characters in one go. 

6. Citation Generator: This is a tool that helps generate citations to credit the data sources automatically. They allow authors to credit other writers and researchers.

It is unethical to neglect citing your sources. You also cannot afford to let your content be recognized as “plagiarised.” So, utilizing tools like Citation Generator becomes a necessity.

7. Word Counter: This tool displays count data in words and characters for the text. It also shows limits for social media platforms that have restricted character counts.

There is a toggle switch to check whether spaces should be counted as characters.

8. Flow: Earlier called Co-writer, this is an integrated text editor and research tool within QuillBot. It combines all the QuillBot tools into one workspace, i.e., use any tool without switching tabs.

You have four ways to start your writing with the QuillBot Flow:

a. A Blank document.
b. Use Templates. There are templates for Blogs, Essays, and a Research Article in many styles.
c. Upload another document.
d. Use the Smart Start option to get started with an AI prompt.

QuillBot Flow
QuillBot Flow

The rich features of this writing assistant include a Web Search, Summarize, Paraphrase, Autocomplete, View Statistics, Grammar, Dictate, Listen.

The Suggest Text button helps you construct sentences like another AI Writer. It considers what you’ve already written and your prompts.

Check out this detailed QuillBot AI review and know everything there is to know.

The best QuillBot alternatives with similar features and free forever pricing plans are Writesonic, Copy AI and Simplified AI. Each of them have their strengths – Simplified AI includes images/videos during writing, Writesonic is optimized for in-depth long form content, Copy AI for marketing copies.

All the mentioned alternatives have free plans similar to QuillBot.

2. QuillBot Paraphrase Tool

The paraphrase QuillBot tool offers is a popular one because of the free plan and rich feature set. It rewrites content to improve its quality, adjust its length, change its tone, or simply provide a fresh perspective.

The power of this tool lies in its ability to understand the context of your text. It ensures that the rewritten content maintains the original meaning.

Why Should You Try the QuillBot Paraphrase?

Here are the reasons for try the Paraphrase QuillBot tool:

  1. Improve text quality: QuillBot improves its overall quality by rephrasing your content. The paraphrasing tool – QuillBot AI is used to make the text more engaging and easier to read.
  2. Avoid plagiarism: The Quillbot tool helps rewrite content, which can help avoid plagiarism. This process is useful when using publicly sourced information.
  3. Contextual understanding: Unlike many other paraphrasers, the QuillBot tool understands the context of your content. It ensures that the rephrased content maintains the original intent.
  4. Time-saving: The tool quickly paraphrases large amounts of text. That saves you a lot of time on manual rewording.
  5. Thesaurus inputs: The Paraphraser gets you additional inputs to choose synonyms. These inputs are helpful for those who find the English language challenging.
  6. Change the tone: You may need to transform a casual-sounding content into a formal, professional one. Or a jargon-filled text to a simpler one for everybody to understand. QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool lets you choose a range of tones for the language output.

QuillBot Paraphraser Tool – who should use it?

1. Students: They can improve school work by rewording difficult sentences and simplifying challenging ideas.

2. Researchers: They can enhance research abstracts and articles by making findings more accessible to non-experts. They can create rephrase complex terminology.

3. Writers: They can make writing more precise, remove wordy text, and keep a consistent style in articles and essays.

4. Marketers: They can rephrase and improve marketing messages to reach target audiences better. It helps them boost conversions and raise brand awareness.
5. Bloggers: They can write engaging and easy-to-read content for readers. This is by making the language & flow more appealing.

6. Professionals: They can make reports, presentations, and proposals clear. This is by reorganizing and rewording content for better understanding.

3. Features of Paraphrase Tool by QuillBot

The Paraphraser comes with various features that make QuillBot a powerful tool in the hands of a user.

Choice of Output Modes

QuillBot Paraphraser
QuillBot Paraphraser

The tool has nine “modes” that control how it will alter your content. The modes are:

QuillBot Paraphraser modes
QuillBot Paraphraser modes
  1. Standard: Rewrite text in a reliable manner to maintain meaning.
  2. Fluency: Ensure text is readable and free of errors.
  3. Formal: Present text in a more sophisticated and professional way.
  4. Academic: Rewrite text in a more scholarly way.
  5. Simple: Present text in a manner most people can understand.
  6. Creative: Express ideas in a completely new way that may change the meaning.
  7. Expand: Add more depth and detail to increase the sentence length.
  8. Shorten: Strip away extra words to get a clear message.
  9. Custom: You can define your own mode, like Optimistic, Humorous

Of the above, Standard & Fluency modes are available in the free QuillBot version. All these modes are available for the English language only. For other languages, it will be Standard Mode only.

Synonym change levels

You will see a Synonyms slider on the top right of the Paraphrasing tool QuillBot. This tool lets you control the level of synonym changes you’d like in the Paraphrased content.

There are three levels of changes you may choose. The higher the change level you select, the less accurate the output will be. The default is Level 1. Up to Level 2 is part of the Free Plan. The Level 3 Synonym change is for Premium users.

This Synonym slider option is available in the English language only.

Multilingual Support

Within QuillBot, you have the option to paraphrase in 23 different languages. When you access it, the default is English. The other available languages are:

Quillbot – Multilingual Support

Multiple Input Options

In Quillbot, you can input the text to be paraphrased in multiple ways:

  1. Copy/Paste text: You can take the text from the source file/location and directly paste it into the left box of Paraphaser. For your convenience, there is a large “Paste” button to do the Cntrl+V operation.
  2. Upload Doc: You will see the “Upload Doc” option at the bottom-left corner of the Paraphrase window. Click on it to browse your file, which contains text to be paraphrased. Currently, the file formats allowed for upload are PDF and MS Word.
  3. Click and Drag file: You may drag a file (PDF or Docx) into the Paraphrasing QuillBot Window. The file gets parsed, and the text is shown when it is ready for paraphrasing.

Customize with Settings

At the top right corner, you may click the Gear icon to access the Paraphrase settings.

Paraphraser settings
Paraphraser settings

You may use these settings to customize the output and how the interface is presented.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension enables you to use QuillBot everywhere. Along with Grammer Checker, Summarizer, and Translator, the Paraphraser is the most widely used. See screenshot below:

QuillBot Chrome Extension
QuillBot Chrome Extension

The same Settings as the web app are available in the Chrome extension.

4. QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool Alternatives

1. Paraphraser.io: This paraphrasing tool uses advanced AI algorithms to paraphrase text accurately. They provide Fluency & Standard mode with a 600-word limit for free. You can paraphrase unlimited text without any daily limit. You can increase the word count to 1500 by upgrading to the Pro plan.


2. Paraphrasing Tool: This is a powerful paraphrasing tool that has a 20,000-character limit for each run. The input text can be provided in multiple ways – upload document, audio file, speech to text, extract text from image. The built-in thesaurus gives you options to use alternate synonyms after paraphrasing.


3. Wordtune: Wordtune Paraphraser has a free version. They design advanced AI tools and language models that understand the context and semantics of written text. These models move beyond grammar and spelling fixes to help you put your thoughts into written words.


4. Ahrefs Paraphrasing Tool: This free tool lets you quickly rephrase or reword any text for essays, articles, emails, and more. It uses a language model that learns patterns, grammar, and vocabulary from large amounts of text data. It then uses that knowledge to generate human-like text based on a given prompt or input. The generated text combines the model’s learned information and its understanding of the input.


5. Semrush Paraphrasing Tool: You may rewrite your existing text for multiple platforms in a single click. You can create an engaging copy with tone and readability on track. With Semrush Paraphraser, you can paraphrase 200 words for the best results.


5. QuillBot Paraphraser’s Pros and Cons

Like all tools, the Paraphrasing tool – QuillBot AI has its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Contextual Understanding: The AI in QuillBot understands the context of your text. It ensures that the paraphrased content retains the original intent.
  2. Quality Improvement: The tool improves the overall quality of your text, making it more engaging and easier to read.
  3. Time-Saving: QuillBot quickly rephrases large amounts of text. It frees up your time for other essential tasks.
  4. Free Forever: You can run unlimited Paraphrasing QuillBot cycles for free. There’s no time limit on how long you can use it for free.


  1. Limited Free Version: The free version of QuillBot Paraphrasing tool has limitations, such as a word limit per paraphrase run.
  2. Possible Accuracy Issues: While rare, the tool might sometimes lose the original meaning of complex sentences during paraphrasing. These inaccuracies could happen when you use a high level of Synonym changes.

6. QuillBot Paraphraser Tool Pricing

QuillBot Pricing includes both free and premium plans.

Free Plan

Is QuillBot free to use? The Free Forever Plan is the default when you sign up. It provides you access to most of the QuillBot Paraphrasing tool functionality.

The limitations of the Free Plan are:

  • You can go up to 125 words for paraphrasing at a time. You are allowed unlimited Paraphrasing runs, though. Premium users have no word limitation.
  • It allows you two Modes (Standard and Fluency) only. The ability to customize tones is for Premium users only.
  • You can freeze (prevent paraphrasing) only one word/phrase during each run.
  • You cannot see the history of the paraphrased text.
  • Execution speed is faster for Premium users.

This Plan is free for however long you want. You don’t need to provide your Credit Card details to get started.

QuillBot Pricing
QuillBot Pricing


The best value in this paid option is the Annual Plan at $4.17 per month (billed annually). You get more benefits in this Plan, which makes sense for everybody.

Is QuillBot worth it? My final verdict is a definite “Yes,” especially if you expect to do a lot of content writing and paraphrasing.

A Paraphrasing tool like Paraphrasing AI or Wordtune offers similar functionality. But QuillBot’s offering is popular due to its awesome output quality and an end to end solution for AI content generation. The free forever plans and aggressive pricing are an added bonus.

They do not offer a Trial Period since there is a Free Plan. They have a 3-day money-back guarantee. After subscribing to the Premium plan, you can exercise this option if you change your mind.

7. Conclusion – QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool

In conclusion, QuillBot Paraphraser is valuable for improving your writing quality. Its advanced AI algorithms offer a high contextual understanding. The paraphrased text exhibits the original intent.

It’s easy to get started without a credit card. The UI is intuitive, and you can get going without formal training in QuillBot Paraphrase Tool.

So, whether you’re a student, a blogger, or a professional writer, QuillBot Paraphraser is a treasured addition to your writing toolset.

8. FAQ

How does QuillBot paraphrase work?

QuillBot uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as the technology foundation to achieve its objectives. The Paraphrasing tool rearranges words and replaces them with synonyms to create fresh content.

How does the QuillBot work?

QuillBot uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as the technology foundation to achieve its objectives. The Paraphrasing tool rearranges words and replaces them with synonyms to create fresh content.

Can QuillBot paraphrasing be detected?

The Paraphrasing tool output is a function of the input text. The output is a paraphrased version of the input text and very close to human like writing. It is not easy for humans to detect that it is AI generated.

Is QuillBot paraphrasing cheating?

Deploying AI tools like QuillBot for paraphrasing is to get a better version of the input text. If the input text is appropriately credited for and is original by the author, using the paraphrasing does not amount to cheating.

What does QuillBot paraphrase do?

The Paraphrasing tool rearranges words and replaces them with synonyms to create fresh content. QuillBot leverages AI and NLP to achieve this at scale and speed. It ensures that the original intent is retained in the process.

Is QuillBot a good paraphrasing tool?

Its the best! QuillBot uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as the technology foundation to achieve its paraphrasing objectives.

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