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Surfer Pricing – Choosing The Most Appropriate Plan For You


Surfer SEO gained popularity for its extensive features and getting impactful results. The tool provides real-time optimization suggestions along with competitor research, during the content development process.

Looking for Surfer pricing? You must be seriously considering adding this to your writing toolkit. You will join Surfer’s 233k active users who are dramatically improving their SEO and performance results.

They have several large customers endorsing them. Examples are FedEx, Jasper, ClickUp, Lenovo, Shopify, Opera, Square and FreshBooks.

I’ve been in the Tech industry for 23 years now. I have seen the Internet, Mobile, Cloud impacting, and Big Data impact our daily lives. In my opinion, Generative AI falls in the same category. A Microsoft survey concluded that 70% of their Generative AI users were more productive in 2023.

I have reviewed and used several AI writing tools over the last year. In this post, I will walk you through Surfer’s price structure, features at a high level, and why you should consider this tool seriously.

Pricing Overview

Surfer SEO Plans for pricing includes four subscriptions: Essential, Scale, Scale AI, and Enterprise. The pricing structure is tailored to different needs and budgets. Each plan offers unique benefits to each category of users.

You can choose any of these plans with options to be billed monthly or annually. Annual billing in Surfer SEO pricing offers a discount compared to Monthly. Below is the Surfer pricing summary to understand a summary of each plan.

Surfer Pricing Summary
Surfer Pricing Summary

There’s a plan to suit everyone, from individual professionals to large agencies. For the customized Enterprise plan, you need to contact Surfer’s Sales team.

We will go into details of each plan in this post. But I will first walk you through an overview of Surfer SEO features.

Unpacking Surfer SEO Features

Surfer SEO comes packed with powerful features to enable your SEO optimization endeavor. Here’s a quick overview:

The main principle of Surfer SEO is to support your discovery of trending keywords along with competitor research. On this basis, you can plan your strategy for content and generate post outlines within the same tool.

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Surfer SEO Content Editor

The Content Editor features a powerful tool that enables you to generate a list of relevant keyword data through advanced research techniques. You can go on to create an outline and write optimized content. It is by far the most popular tool in the Surfer SEO toolset.

As part of the content writing process, the software SEO tool equips you with real-time metrics. These metrics suggest the optimum structure of the article, NLP ready keywords, images, SEO data and word count. SurferSEO lets you know what needs to be changed or added to boost your ranking results against competitors.

You get a score that helps you understand how optimized your content is. The benchmark is for Google Search compared to rivals’ ranking results for the same keyword.

Surfer SEO Keyword Research Tool

With Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool, you get assistance that can save you many hours of research. You will quickly discover dozens of relevant topic clusters for your primary keyword research.

The monthly Google search volume data and keyword difficulty are shown on an intuitive screen. The metrics and results help you plan a comprehensive content strategy. The tool does it by checking the search intent of your target audience.


This Add-on AI Writing tool helps you create SEO-ready articles in minutes. You can research, create, and optimize articles with the click of a button.

The end-to-end writing process takes less than 20 minutes. It is seven times cheaper than hiring a dedicated copywriter to produce the same article.

Surfer SEO Editor
Surfer SEO Editor

Surfer SEO Audit

The SEO Audit add-on suggests SEO improvements that help you score quick wins. It enables you to do better at organic Google search ranking results.

It gives you detailed steps and SEO tips on how to optimize your content. It results in higher ranks on Google search. You may track your local SEO data and wins using Google Analytics.

Surfer SEO Outline Generator

Content marketing process starts by researching relevant information and creating a post outline. Creating an outline is a way to structure your ideas concisely and be organized.

Surfer’s article outline generator is free to use. The process of generating an Outline is simple. Only input your target keyword or topic and click the button. The AI tool with NLP assistance, will generate relevant headings that you should include. The Surfer’s AI generated outline is customizable based on your preferences.

Keyword Surfer Extension

Surfer’s Chrome Extension is helpful for Content and Keyword Research. The SEO software is free and currently has 400k+ daily users. This tool is the fastest way to figure out keyword research data.

This Chrome extension gets you a complete list of keyword research ideas. It also includes the overlap score and volume of searches.

Surfer’s Integrations

Surfer SEO integrates seamlessly with several platforms to enhance your workflow. These integrations make Surfer SEO a versatile software for your content creation process.

The tool integrates with the following software:

1. Jasper – This integration gives you access to the SEO Mode setting within the Jasper dashboard. This SEO mode enables you to leverage the rich features of Surfer SEO’s Editor.

2. WordPress – This integration is useful for seamlessly transferring content from and to the WordPress platform.

3. Google Docs – It integrates SurferSEO with Google Docs. It enables you to utilize Surfer SEO’s Editor within a Google Document.

4. Semrush – This integration gives you details of your competitors’ backlinks. Semrush enables you to modify your link-building tactics to increase traffic.

Surfer Pricing Plans In Detail

Here are the yearly pricing and inclusions in each of the plans:

Surfer SEO Pricing Plan in Detail
Surfer SEO Pricing Plan in Detail

The significant differences between the SEO pricing plans are:

  • The increased volume of Content Editor articles within a plan cycle.
  • The number of organization seats you would like to utilize.
  • Ten AI Articles are packaged in the Scale AI plan and need to purchase separately in others.

The rest of the pricing factors are the same. So, determining which plan to go for will be driven mainly by the volume of work you anticipate.

Surfer SEO free trial

There’s no Surfer SEO free trial on offer. But you can opt for the 7-day money back guarantee. After subscribing to a plan, you may exercise the money back if you’re unhappy with the tool or change your mind.

This should be within seven days of subscribing. You just need to contact the support team within the window to receive a full refund.

SurferSEO Overages

You might be in a situation where you have run out of Content Editor credits. And there’s still time for new credits to get refreshed within the billing period.

New credits get refreshed monthly for monthly options and yearly for annual. The refresh dates coincide with the anniversary of your purchase date.

If you don’t want to upgrade to the next plan level, Surfer allows “overages.” You have two options to avail the overage option.

  1. First option: Your Admin can purchase additional content editor credits on demand.
  2. Second option: Your admin can enable Overages for everybody in the organization.

The overage consumption maybe below the “plan threshold”. In that case, you get charged during the next billing event, i.e., end of the billing period, renewal, or upgrade

The plan thresholds referenced here are:

Plan NameThreshold Limit
Essential5 Content Editor credits
Scale10 Content Editor credits
Scale AI10 Content Editor credits

In the second option, the team may consume the overages equal to or higher than the “plan threshold”. In such a scenario, you get charged immediately.

Each Content Editor credit overage costs $5 in the Essential Plan and $1 each in the Scale & Scale AI subscription.

Pay-as-you-go SurferAI Price

You can buy Surfer AI credits on top of your subscription in Scale AI. This tool enables you to work 10x faster than producing fresh articles ground-up. Here’s the pricing for Surfer AI.

Surfer AI Pricing
Surfer AI Pricing

You need to be active on one of the subscriptions for Surfer AI to be functional.

Plan Add-ons

Along with the features provided under the plans, you can purchase four add-ons.

  1. Audit: Use this content audit tool to optimize your existing pages quickly. This optimization is based on data from top-performing search results. You pay $49 for 100 audits per month.
  2. SERP Analyzer: Access a range of powerful add-ons designed to take your online pages to a whole new level. You pay $29 for 100 searches per day.
  3. Whitelabel: This add-on enables you to rebrand Surfer solutions. You can do so with your domain and logo.
  4. API: You can automate the query creation and data analysis within your corporate application.

Note that all these add-ons are all available by default in the Enterprise Plan. You need to be active on one of the plans for any Add-on tool to be functional.

Choosing the Right Plan

Here are a few suggestions to help you pick an appropriate plan:

  1. Essential: Ideal for individuals, freelancers, or small teams beginning their blogging journey. It will also suit small businesses managing small websites.
  2. Scale: Perfect for larger teams or professionals needing more flexibility and higher limits.
  3. Scale AI: The complete package for agencies and professionals wanting unlimited features including AI writing at Scale.
  4. Enterprise: Customized plans for high-volume content needs.


To wrap up, Surfer has structured its pricing plans to cater to diverse needs and budgets. The tool’s extensive features make it a valuable asset for any digital marketer.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small team, or a large agency, there’s a Surfer SEO plan for you. And if the standard plans don’t suit your needs, you can always opt for a customized one.

With the 7-day money-back guarantee, you can test the waters before committing for the long term.

This article has given you a good understanding of Surfer pricing structure to help you make an informed decision. You can see if it aligns with your goals and budgets.

While the tool has a lot to offer, the pricing may not appeal to beginners on a budget. They may consider a suitable Surfer SEO Alternative too.

I would love to know which pricing plan of Surfer SEO was good for you.


In this section, I have addressed some common queries related to its pricing structure:

How do you purchase additional Content Editor credits?

You can buy extra credits beyond your monthly limit. The admin can purchase on-demand or needs to enable this feature from the current usage page.

What happens when I cancel my plan?

You’ll retain your current plan until the end of the billing cycle. You will not be charged in the next billing cycle.

Do unused credits roll over to the next month?

No, they don’t. The only exception is if you upgrade your plan while still having credits from your previous plan.

Does Surfer SEO offer a free trial?

There is no SurferSEO free trial, but they have a 7-day money-back guarantee policy. You can exercise it if you’re unhappy with the tool within seven days. You just need to contact the support team within that period to receive a full refund.

Is Surfer SEO customer support good?

Yes, Surfer SEO offers responsive customer support. Their team members are knowledgeable and are available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Is Surfer SEO worth it?

Surfer SEO is definitely worth it if you are into content generation and need to rank on Google Search. It provides SEO technology suggestions and generates high-ranking posts, making it a great buy.

How much does Surfer SEO Cost?

Surfer SEO offers different pricing plans starting at $69 per month for the Essential plan, $99 per month for the Scale plan, and $179 per month for the Scale AI plan. They also offer a custom plan for Enterprise users. All figures here are monthly figures billed annually.

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