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Copy AI Alternative: 5 Excellent Alternatives For You


In today’s digital era, producing engaging and SEO-friendly content efficiently is necessary. AI-powered copywriting tools like Copy AI have been assisting many in this endeavor.

Copy AI has enabled marketers to create copies for email campaigns, blogs, and social media posts. They effortlessly generate automated content at scale for a variety of use cases.

While Copy AI has its strengths, the available alternatives are worth exploring. It’s always a good idea to explore other options. Some of them that might cater to your specific needs more effectively.

ChatGPT created a buzz in November 2022, when it was released. It brought the world’s focus on AI Content Generation tools. Many alternative writing tools are now available in the market. Each has its strengths, making them strong contenders as a Copy AI Alternative.

I’ve been in the Tech industry for over two decades now. I have seen the Internet, Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud impacting our daily lives. In my opinion, Generative AI falls into the same category. A Microsoft survey concluded that 70% of their Generative AI users were more productive in 2023.

I have reviewed and used AI writing tools in the last year or so. In this article, I’ve picked three with free forever plans and two in the Premium category so you get choices.

First, let’s briefly review what Copy AI has to offer.

What do I like in Copy AI?

Copy AI is an AI-based tool that has transformed content creation. It assists users in generating ad content and crafting long blog posts.

With Copy AI, you can even rewrite sentences to add uniqueness to your content in seconds. Copy AI stands out for its ease of use and robust customer support. These aspects make it a fantastic option for beginners in AI copywriting.

Copy AI marquee customers like Nestle, Ogilvy, Microsoft, and eBay. That speaks a lot about the rich features and product quality. 380k users found Copy AI attractive because it’s easy to get started with the free forever pricing plans.

Here is a quick video of a review of the Copy.ai software:

Copy AI Review -check this free forever AI writing tool

Features by Use Cases

For Teams

Businesses are leveraging AI to create sales and marketing ads content. It is useful in dramatically improving time and productivity. You can also increase the throughput of the content creation process.

With Copy AI, you can create personalized sales ad copy. You can increase campaign effectiveness or generate compelling product descriptions and more content.

For Email Campaigns

Copy AI helps email marketers effortlessly scale their email marketing activity and save time. They produce better content while saving writing time with this tool.

You can craft several types of emails, like Lifecycle Emails, Nurture Sequences etc. You can streamline content generation by leveraging Copy.ai’s 90+ tools and templates.

For Bloggers

You use the power of Copy AI to produce optimized blog posts within minutes. A workflow automation enables this optimization. There are tools and templates to streamline content for your long-form blog posts.

For Social Media

You can create compelling social posts by leveraging the Copy AI content generator. It is an excellent AI tool to grow your audience and increase engagement. You can overcome the challenge of coming up with exciting posts every day.

With Copy.ai tools, you can improve your posts’ quality. This quality improvement is by messaging designed to resonate with the target audience. You can increase your chances of conversion and thus increase revenue.

You can maintain a consistent brand message across all channels. This consistency is by creatively using Copy AI tools to repurpose them across channels.

Chat by Copy AI

CopyAI Chat is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT. With CopyAI Chat, you can do various tasks like

  • Scrape websites for publicly available information.
  • Create personalized ad copy for sales outreach.
  • Get a summary of YouTube videos in key bullet points.
  • Understand how prospects engage on LinkedIn.

You get the most up-to-date responses on Chat by Copy AI. This is possible since it accesses real-time data on the internet. There is an inline doc editor integrated within it.

Using it, you can quickly create long-form material by copying, cutting, pasting, and refining. You can improve the quality of your content output by using the prebuilt prompts.

Copy AI Pricing

The Copy AI pricing plan is pretty straightforward. See screenshot below of the pricing chart.

Copy AI Pricing
Copy AI Pricing

A Copy AI Alternative

Despite its impressive feature list, Copy AI has its pros and cons. The generated AI content needs human editing to refine it for factual errors. The tool’s long-form content generator leaves room for improvement.

It’s not fully geared for those wanting more long-form content on specific topics. Also, enterprises get limited API access. It is not easy to include Copy AI functionality in their apps.

A good Copy AI alternative largely depends on your specific needs, features and preferences. Some excel in producing long-form content. Some alternatives are great with creatives like image content generation or video editing. Other alternatives are better equipped to handle short ad copies or social media posts.

My recommendations on the top five Copy AI alternatives are detailed in this article. They are a mix of free and premium tools.

The Alternatives

  1. QuillBot AI
  2. Writesonic
  3. Simplified AI
  4. Surfer SEO
  5. Jasper

The following sections cover each of these and why are a good alternative.

1. QuillBot AI

QuillBot AI is a full suite of AI writing tools. This end-to-end offering with free plans makes it an excellent Copy AI free alternative. QuillBot is popular among students, academic professionals, and writers. Its popularity is due to its ease of use and attractive pricing plans.


The QuillBot family of products includes the following:

1. Writing Tools

  • Paraphraser
  • Summarizer
  • Flow (earlier called Co-Writer)
  • Plagiarism
  • Checker
  • Word Counter

2. Translator

3. Grammar Tools

4. Citation Tools

Paraphrasing Tool is their flagship product. It is used to improve the coherence and clarity of the provided text. Using it saves time by reducing the need for manual editing.

The source intent is retained while rewriting (paraphrasing) sentences, documents, or paragraphs. Non-writers can also leverage QuillBot’s Thesaurus. The paid plans allow paraphrasing long text as well.

QuillBot Flow is the long-form content writer tool. It is an all-in-one writing space, like a Microsoft Word Processor on steroids. It combines all QuillBot’s tools within the same context. i.e., the Paraphraser, Templates, Grammar Checker, and Summarizer. The fully integrated tool gives you and your marketing teams a powerful long-form writing experience.

The AI Autocomplete helps you construct meaningful sentences. It helps you experience the power of words within the same Flow environment. This feature retains the context of what you’ve already written and your prompts. 

Plagiarism checker evaluates your text vs. other text on the internet. It helps you identify if any sections have failed to credit other writers. The online analyses are real-time. So, it quickly and accurately reviews all instances of plagiarized writing. This tool is available to Premium users only.

Summarizer can quickly distill a lengthy text to its summary. They could be research papers, general articles, or documents. This summary creation is super quick and happens with the click of a button.

Word Counter is QuillBot’s online word count tool displays data both in words and characters. A useful feature is showing limits for a social media platform that have restricted character counts. 

QuillBot has a robust feature set and an intuitive interface. These key features offer an outstanding balance between ease of use, functionality, and price.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot offers a free forever pricing plan with some limitations on Word count within each tool. They don’t have word limits in the Premium pricing plan. The Premium plan pricing starts at $4.17 per month (billed annually).

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant catering to various use cases. The AI software is very beginner friendly, with extensive product documentation. Writesonic has garnered attention for its innovative features and efficiency.

Writesonic AI
Writesonic AI

Writesonic uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 engines to produce high-quality content. The AI content is almost human-like and cannot be distinguished from skilled human writers. It has many convenient integrations available out of the box.

On Writesonic login, you get a full-featured Dashboard with 100+ templates. The AI templates are grouped by use cases like Articles & Blogs, Website Copies, E-commerce. As users, your teams can also track subscription word balance on the left menu bar.

The tool has its functionality grouped under six use cases:

  1. Articles And Blogs: This section has 14 options to enable long form content writing process end to end. You have everything you need to assist your writing process. Right from generating ideas to blog outlines, introductions, Article writers and conclusions.
  2. Ads And Marketing Tools: This section has six tools to generate copies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. It also has the option to auto-generate meaningful SMS notifications.
  3. General Writing: The General Writing section has 16 rich templates. Chatsonic is a powerful assistant to research & content generation like ChatGPT. The tool includes ways to write stories and rephrase or shorten/expand paragraphs. You can also generate email responses, engaging copy for cold emails, Quora answers, etc.
  4. Ecommerce: This section has optimized features for writing Amazon-related titles, product descriptions, and ads.
  5. Social Media: The Social Media section has 14 powerful templates to publish engaging content. These are for Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter. They can generate ideas for an online campaign and create meaningful descriptions.
  6. Website Copy: The Website Copy section assists web designers with has eight templates. For example, you can create a catchy copy for call to action, landing pages, Meta Pages, etc.

There are more software tools to enhance the AI writing experience. They have got great user ratings reviews as well.

Chatsonic: It is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT. Some of the powerful features of Chatsonic are:

  • Get the real-time information integrated with Google search.
  • Respond through voice like Siri or Google Assistant
  • Chatsonic remembers past questions or comments in a conversation. Set the right context to answer follow-up questions.
  • With a few keywords as inputs generate AI images.
  • Voice commands make the prompt process simple
  • Instruct Chatsonic to consider you as a specific personality like an Interviewer, Accountant, etc.
  • You can edit, download, copy, or share specific responses or entire conversations.

Photosonic: It is an AI image generator. It is useful when you need a banner, a social media post, or a logo.

The output is a variety of image choices to select from. With just a few clicks, you can change the images to the color and style of your liking. You can modify the image size and enhance the quality to HD too.

Botsonic: It is Writesonic’s no-code AI chatbot builder. It enables your application or website with a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot.

You can customize the bot to your business needs for no additional charge. It helps users to leverage the power of GPT-4 and natural language processing. You can build custom AI chatbots to address diverse business problems without technical expertise.

Multilingual capability: Writesonic has the options to generate content in 25 global languages. The multi-lingual capability is not just restricted to Writesonic Editor. Chatsonic and Botsonic too leverage the same language functions and is available for end users.

Writesonic AI Pricing

Writesonic’s offerings are aggressively priced. Their generous Free plan starts with 10k words in a month.

The Writesonic Small Team plan starts at $13 per month for 200k words. The Freelancer plan starts at $16 per user monthly and gives you unlimited words for prolific writers.

In summary, Writesonic has a free forever plan and versatile content writing tool. This pricing makes it a great contender for one of the alternatives for Copy AI.

3. Simplified

Simplified is a multifaceted AI writer designed to cater to diverse marketing needs. You have tools for graphics designing, AI writing, video creation, and social media publishing. The best part of Simplified is having all those features integrated in one app.

Simplified AI
Simplified AI

Graphics Design: You can access to an AI-powered graphics tool with stock photos. Use them to create engaging large marketing campaigns without prior graphics experience. Its pretty simple with a drag and drop design editor along with the free templates.

Video Editor: You can create and publish videos in minutes with convenient workflows. There’s everything you need to increase engagement & views. You can upload videos with your audio or a recorded voice-over.

AI Writer: This tool has 50+ AI copywriting templates to choose from. A Blog Wizard helps you generate full blogs with images. You can write any marketing copy in 30 different languages.

Social Media Management: With this tool grow your organization with seamless tools. Manage all your social media channels in one place. You can schedule upto 30 posts across different channels.

The app supports team collaboration and management with sharing and tagging features. Instant commenting against new copies is another helpful feature. You can organize the teams, its members and work within the workspaces. You can setup unlimited workspaces.

Simplified’s URL shortening tool helps grow your brand. You get personalized concise links that are clickable. The AI copywriter does a great job of hashtags, product descriptions, ads, and copy for social media.

You can streamline and plan design & publishing tasks with the team’s Content Calendar. Write ads, upload designs or posts, and schedule directly from the Content Calendar.

Simplified Pricing

Simplified has a Free Forever plan. This free plan works if you want to use only the essential software. You get thousands of templates, unlimited design projects, 1000+ fonts, millions of photos, and icons, 5GB of storage, and instant publishing.

They have different Price plans for each of the four types of software. The Graphic Designer Pro starts at $9 per month. The Video Editor Pro & AI Writer each start at $11 per month, and Social Media Pro at $18 per month. All prices are monthly billed annually.

Simplified AI addresses the Sales & Marketing segment similar to Copy AI. It’s a pretty well-rounded products with many features in one app. These factors make it one of the good alternatives for Copy AI.

4. Surfer SEO

Surfer is an AI-powered content generation platform optimized for SEO. It’s not just an automated writer, Surfer SEO provides a comprehensive SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic. You can increase content visibility with this tool.

Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor is designed to provide relevant keywords in real time. They help you to rank high on Google SERPs. You can combine article writing with keyword research and SEO optimization. All these with a click of a few buttons.

Surfer SEO helps you focus on writing content. You can optimize upto 20 keywords. They use NLP to extract relevant entities related to your main keyword. With NLP-based guidelines, you will be guided on which terms you should use, where, and how often. This approach lets Google know that your content is relevant to what users are looking for.

They have an inbuilt Outline Builder. This outline builder helps structure text and image content. It also helps you rank high in different languages worldwide.

Surfer checks plagiarism for your content copy. It also determines whether you are writing it yourself or producing AI-generated content.

Surfer offers these free software:

  • AI Outline Generator: use it to create outlines. They will rank well on Google and resonate with your audience.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension: Get keyword data and search volumes directly in your browser.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO offers a 7-day free trial to help you make an informed decision. You may decide to move forward based on your content and optimization needs. It’s not available free of cost beyond the trial period.

Surfer SEO’s plans start at $69 monthly (billed annually). In this plan, you can write 360 articles a year using Content Editor. Articles with an AI Writer starts at $29 each and can be purchased on the go.

This one is a Premium tool among the Copy AI competitors’ alternatives.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI was earlier known as Jarvis during the launch. It is a powerful AI writing platform built on top of GPT-3. It offers a broad range of writing use cases optimized for long-form content writing. Those looking to fulfill this goal may consider Jasper as an excellent alternative to Copy AI.

Jasper AI

As mentioned above, Jasper excels in long-form content creation. That makes it an ideal tool for bloggers and marketers. It is well integrated with Surfer SEO to enhance its SEO capabilities.

The high level features of the Jasper platform are below:

  • Jasper has 50+ AI templates within its umbrella. You can effortlessly create basic article introductions or long-form blog posts. They enable you to complete full length blog posts within few minutes.
  • You can create unique content that ranks for Google SEO. With a SurferSEO integration, you can unlock the keywords that help the page rank high on search.
  • Plagiarism-free content – the content is checked by Copyscape within the Jasper app. Copyscape is one of the well respected software on the web for plagiarism check.
  • You can activate Grammarly within the Jasper editor. Grammarly enables your writing process by eliminating language errors.
  • You can tailor the output by giving inputs to the AI about what you want. The user-friendly and guided workflow process within Jasper makes it very simple.

Jasper Chat is popular tool among its users. It is designed for humans to have a conversation with AI. You can ask the AI chatbot to suggest blog post topic ideas, revise your content, or even give you a bedtime story.

Chrome Extension is a install of the Jasper extension to your Chrome browser. With this extension, you get AI capability for your online content development workflow.

When you are online, the Jasper Chrome extension makes life easy. For example, you can intelligently respond to customer support tickets, Quora answers, or social media posts. In addition, you continue to leverage the 50+ AI templates to speed up the content generation process.

Jasper Art helps you create visual content. You may do this with textual inputs. The image output could be tailored to the blog posts that you are generating. This image helps you to complete your text content with a relevant image to go with it.

With Jasper Art, you too can generate high-resolution images. They are for commercial use, royalty-free, and are without a watermark.

Multilingual Copies: Jasper can help you generate a blog, marketing copy, landing pages and social media posts in 31 (and growing) languages. It gives you and your teams an AI assistant to write creative copies for global markets. You will not need to find local translators.

Jasper Pricing: Jasper’s plans start at $39 per month for individuals and $59 monthly for the Pro plan. You get unlimited words in all their plans.

You get a 7-day free trial where can try all the product features. You need to provide your credit card initially to get a subscription. There’s no charge if you raise a support ticket to cancel, before the end of free trial period. If you want to continue after the 7 day trial period, you get charged based on the chosen plan.

A company needing tailored plans should contact Jasper Sales.

Conclusion: The Copy AI Alternatives

Finding the best AI alternative can be a daunting task. Having a plethora of options available makes the decision more challenging. The key is to identify your specific needs and match them with the strengths of each tool.

Whether it’s long-form content, SEO optimization, or social media marketing, there are Copy AI alternatives for each need.

Here’s a summary of why you should consider these alternatives over Copy AI:

  1. QuillBot: It’s the best free alternative for improving existing text and paraphrasing.
  2. Writesonic: A versatile AI writing platform catering to varied set of use cases.
  3. Simplified: Excellent for combining graphic designing, AI Writing, video editing & social media publishing within one dashboard.
  4. Surfer SEO: Strong offering to boost organic traffic with a comprehensive SEO workflow.
  5. Jasper: Excels in high-quality long-form content creation. Chat & Image Content generation are an added attraction.

Remember, the goal isn’t to find a superior tool in all aspects. You only need to find one that best caters to your unique requirements. Happy hunting!

I would love to know which of these alternatives suited you and why!

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