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Before you get into the details, here's a quick summary of my experience. QuillBot is a full suite of AI writing tools whose flagship product is the Paraphrase. Their free Forever Plan is very popular, and the tool is excellent value for money. The tool is beginner-friendly with an intuitive UI and can be used without training. The long form content output quality is pretty good, but not the best compared to peers.

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QuillBot AI is a complete suite of AI writing tools that aim to make “writing painless” (the Founder’s words). Their flagship product is the Paraphrasing Tool. This tool is popular among students, writers, and academic professionals.

Its popularity is due to its ease of use and free forever plan. It was featured in my earlier article on free AI Content Generators.

The Paraphraser is used to improve the clarity & coherence of the written text. Using it can save time by reducing the need for manual editing. Non-writers can also leverage the Thesaurus within the same environment.

In this QuillBot review, I will walk you through the features at a high level, user review ratings, pros & cons, and pricing. You will get a good understanding of why you should consider this tool seriously.

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a writing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as the technology foundation to achieve its content generation objectives. You can retain the original intent while rewriting (paraphrasing) sentences, paragraphs, and documents.

As per QuillBot’s 2022 year summary, they had paraphrased 135 billion words in 2022, with 150 million users worldwide. The popularity of the tool is growing year after year.

The Paraphrasing tool rearranges words and replaces them with synonyms to create fresh content. It happens with the click of a button and quickly. The quality of Paraphraser writing leaves nothing to chance. You also get options to edit phrases within each sentence with the online thesaurus

You can also check for Grammar & Plagiarism within the same toolset. The Paraphraser and other writing products together make it an end-to-end AI writing suite.

The free forever Plan is very popular. It gives you access to most of the tool’s functionality with limitations around the word length.

The family of QuillBotAI products include the following:

1. Writing Tools

  • Paraphraser
  • Summarizer
  • Flow (formerly Co-Writer)
  • Plagiarism
  • Checker
  • Word Counter

2. Translator

3. Grammar Tools

4. Citation Tools

These tools are designed to make your writing faster, smoother, and more efficient.

QuillBot Review Ratings

Review ratings-QuillBot
Review ratings

QuillBot Features

QuillBot is fast and easy to use. What I like best about this AI-powered tool is its simplicity. Most of the tasks can get done by simple copy/paste of the source text. With the click of a button, you get the output text.

Does QuillBot really work? We will now go through each of the individual tools to know more details.

Paraphrasing Tool

It helps you improve your speed of writing. It can rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles with the click of a button. It enables you to get more done in less time. A Synonyms slider lets you control the extent of changes in the text.

The tool gives options to customize the output with nine modes of settings. They are Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, Shorten, Custom modes. You can use the “Expand” option to add more detail or depth to the writing. And the “Shorten” option to strip out extra words and make the message crisp & clear.

This Paraphrasing tool can paraphrase English, German, Spanish, French or text in 28 different languages. I’ve had writing experience using Writesonic and others, but I think this is the best paraphrasing tool free among the lot.

As mentioned earlier, the Paraphrasing tool is their flagship tool. QuillBot became popular on the back of this. However, other tools aid the overall authoring effort and complement this wonderfully.

Paraphraser Tool
Paraphraser Tool

Here is brief video for you to understand how simple it is to do paraphrasing in QuillBotAI.

Quillbot Tutorial - AI that makes writing painless and easy!

Grammar Tools

This tool is useful when reviewing your writing or as a grammar checker. You can make the editing process headache-free and avoid grammatical mistakes. It will check the English text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

The recommended errors you need to fix are underlined so you know what to look for. A mouse over the error text reveals more details. You can correct the text individually by looking at each error or clicking the Fix All Errors button to do it all in one shot.

The Grammar tool is within the same toolset is Free and currently available in English, German, Spanish & French.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker evaluates your text vs. other text on the internet. It helps you identify if any sections have failed to credit other writers. The online analyses are real-time. So, it quickly and accurately reviews all instances of plagiarized writing.

The output is reflected in a comprehensive report and score. In addition, the report highlights what sections of your document are missing appropriate citations.

You can scan text in more than 100 languages. Examples are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.

This tool is available to Premium users only. The Plan allows you to scan up to 20 pages per month. A single page is up to 250 words. You can buy more pages to run plagiarism checks within the month.

Plagiarism Checker in Quillbot
Plagiarism Checker report

QuillBot Flow

The Flow (earlier Co-writer) is an all-in-one writing space, like a Word Processor on steroids. It combines all the writing tools within one context. i.e., the Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, and Summarizer. They are all integrated into the Flow. You can use all these products without switching tabs.

Additionally, there are online research capabilities, SEO, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete. This tool provides a seamless writing and research experience without leaving the page.

Does QuillBot use AI? The Suggest Text button helps you construct sentences. It helps you experience the power of AI Written words within the same environment. This feature is based on what you’ve already written and your prompts. Essentially, it write’s along with you, a literal co-writer within Flow!

QuillBot Flow
QuillBot Flow

How to use Flow?

Navigate to QuillBot Flow from the left Menu. You have four options to start your writing journey with this writer:

1. Start with a Blank document.

2. Start with the Templates. There are templates for Blogs, Essays, and Research Papers in many styles.

3. Upload what you already started and continue.

4. Use the Smart Start option to get started with a prompt.

If you start with a Blank document, the screenshot is below. You get to use the entire QuillBot toolset to enable your writing process.

QuillBot Flow Writing Process
QuillBot Flow Writing Process

I was very impressed with the intuitive authoring process assisted by Flow. It will for sure take your writing to the next level.

The rich features of this writing assistant include the following:

  • Research: Run an internet search for content. Highlight the text in the search results you want to insert into your document.
  • Summarize: This option will shorten the highlighted text to a crisp summary.
  • Paraphrase: To rewrite the words, select it and click Paraphrase.
  • Autocomplete: Click on Suggest text to get content recommendations. Unleash the power of AI-assisted content creation with this feature.
  • View Statistics: Click on the word count to get important statistics. You get the Error Score, word/character count, and the Readability index.
  • Grammar: Fix all grammatical errors by choosing the option in the bottom bar.
  • Dictate: Use speech to input text into the document you compose.
  • Listen: Use this option to hear the highlighted text.
  • Notes: You may note your ideas as you research online.


The Translator tool has the option of translating 30 different languages. This free tool uses the power of AI to translate text quickly and accurately to the target language. In addition, the mobile-friendly webpage does not need local app installs.

It is instrumental in completing the writing journey, especially when you can research content written in any other language. When you translate into English, you can also use the other QuillBot tools.

As of now, you can translate 5000 characters in one go. However, QuillBot will soon let you upload a PDF file for translation.

Translator in QuillBot
Translator in QuillBot

Word Counter

QuillBot’s Word Counter displays data both in words and characters. It allows you to toggle switch whether spaces should be counted as characters. It also shows limits for social media platforms that have restricted character counts.

Wordcounter in QuillBot
Wordcounter in QuillBot


QuillBot Summarizer feature can quickly distill lengthy text to its summary. They could be general articles, research papers, or documents. This summary creation happens with the click of a button and is super quick. The AI looks for critical information by using NLP. It makes sure that it preserves the original context.

You can control the output length by setting the slider position to your need. This free tool allows you unlimited summarization without restrictions.

You have two ways to summarize:

  • Key Sentences. Using this option, you can generate a bulleted list of the most significant sentences.
  • Paragraph mode: generates a cohesive new summary paragraph from the source.

In both options, you can set the summary length slider to define the length of textual content it generates.

Summarizer in QuillBot
QuillBot‘s Summarizer

Citation Generator

You may incorporate external sources while authoring your research article or blog. You normally do it to back up a claim or concept. Citation Generators from this AI Tool can help you automatically credit those sources. In addition, they allow authors like you to credit other writers and researchers.

It is unethical to neglect to cite your sources. So, utilizing tools like citation generator becomes a necessity. You cannot afford to let your content be recognized as “plagiarised.” It could lead to suspension or expulsion from your organization or school. It may also lead to legal suits that hound a person through life.

QuillBot has the option of choosing the following sources for the Citation Generator.

Citation Source options in QuillBot
Citation Source options

An example of using a Webpage as the source is shown below:

Citation example in QuillBot
Example of Citations

QuillBot Extensions

1. Chrome Extension – You can extend the AI Tool functionality to other websites using the Chrome Extension. This same extension can also be used in Chrome-based browsers like Microsoft Edge.

It is preferred that you remain logged into the tool while using this extension. While being logged in does not matter for most websites, it is mandatory while using Google Docs.

2. Microsoft Word Extension – You can use QuillBot functionality in Word by using this extension. To install the extension in Microsoft Word, go to Insert > Get Add in & Search for the Add-In. This same Add-In is available for Apple Mac systems also.

After installation, you will find a new tab QuillBot to access all the functionality.

3. Google Docs Extension – This extension helps you use this AI Tool within Google Docs. You can download it from the Google Workspace Marketplace. After installation, you will find it in the Add Ons Tab.

AI Detection Score for QuillBot’s AI-Generated Article

Is QuillBot detected as AI? I used the Quillbot’s Flow to create a 415-word length Essay as a test sample. Then, I ran it through originality.ai to test for AI detection and plagiarism.

Does QuillBot output pass AI detection? Excellent results for Plagiarism Check, but originality.ai detected 100% AI-Generated content.

See screenshots.

Plagiarism Check Results

Plagiarism Score for QuillBot article1
Plagiarism Score for AI Generated content in QuillBot Flow

AI Detection Results

AI Detection Score for QuillBot AI Generated content
AI Detection Score AI Generated content in QuillBot Flow

These results again emphasize the need for content authors to do their homework. ‘Humanizing’ the machine-generated content will be needed for some time.

QuillBot Pros & Cons


  • The Free Forever plan is very popular.
  • Other free tools include the grammar checker, Word counter, Citation Generator, and Translator.
  • Powerful Paraphrasing functionality & feature rich AI Writer with Flow.
  • Clean UI and simple to use – needs no training to get started.
  • Extensions are available for Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.


  • AI-Generated content needs human intervention. This review process applies to all tools in this category.
  • In the Free version, Paraphrasing has a 125-word limitation.
  • It does not provide third-party API access.

QuillBot Alternatives

What is better than QuillBot? It is an excellent tool in many respects, but here are the competitors you should know:

  • Rytr is an all-round AI Content Generator tool for beginners. Their generous free Plan includes advanced features like Plagiarism checks.
  • CopyAI is an excellent tool if you must regularly write copies for sales and marketing purposes. CopyAI also has a plagiarism checker, chat, and other exciting features.
  • Jasper AI is a pricier alternative for good quality long-form content writing.
  • Simplified can be a choice if you have a lot of images & videos along with text creation. It has outstanding features for video editing too.
  • SmartCopy is a good choice for teams running marketing campaigns. The integrated AI Content writer with campaign management is a great plus.
  • Writesonic is another competing tool in the affordable category. It can be used to write long-form content.

QuillBot Pricing

Free Plan

Is QuillBot free to use? The Free Forever Plan is the default when you sign up. It provides you access to most of the product functionality. The few limitations are:

  • You can go up to 125 words at a time in the Paraphraser tool. It allows you two modes only and the ability to freeze only one word/phrase.
  • In the Summarizer, you can input 1200 words at a time.

This Plan is free forever and does not need your Credit Card details.


The best value option in this paid option is the Annual Plan at $4.17 per month (billed annually). You get more benefits in this Plan, and it makes sense for a business of any size. These include a Plagiarism checker, unlimited words in the Paraphraser Tool, all seven modes of Paraphraser, 6000 words in Summarizer, etc.

Is QuillBot worth it? My verdict is a definite “Yes” if you expect to do a lot of content writing, especially use the Paraphraser Tool.

See the comparative screenshot below.

QuillBot Pricing
QuillBot Pricing

They do not offer a Trial Period since there is a Free Forever Plan. They, however, provide a 3-day money-back guarantee. You can exercise this option if you change your mind after subscribing to the Premium plan.

One useful feature of the this Plan is – Pause Your Subscription. There may be brief periods when you are off on vacation or cannot use the tool. The Pause option ensures that your subscription period does not go unused.


QuillBot is a full suite of AI writing tools whose flagship product is the Paraphrase. The tool is beginner-friendly with an intuitive UI and can be used without training.

The long form content output quality is pretty good, but not the best compared to peers. But the feature rich QuillBot Flow is improving everyday. Its a one stop shop for all your writing needs and these family of tools are accessible from this one screen.

The tool is popular among students, writing professionals and academia for its ease of use and generous free plans. Why don’t you give it a try?

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Before you get into the details, here's a quick summary of my experience. QuillBot is a full suite of AI writing tools whose flagship product is the Paraphrase. Their free Forever Plan is very popular, and the tool is excellent value for money. The tool is beginner-friendly with an intuitive UI and can be used without training. The long form content output quality is pretty good, but not the best compared to peers.The Most Amazing AI Paraphraser - QuillBot AI