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5 Best Free AI Content Generator Tools In 2024


As a successful blogger, you must consistently publish new and informative content. You do that to maintain your lead position as an expert in your niche.

Why is AI emerging as an essential technology for content generation? We are now in a highly competitive scenario with a need to produce content at speed & scale. Retaining top quality is a given.

Several factors are contributing to the growth of AI writer tools. In this article, I will cover details of this topic and the best free AI Content Generator tools.

What Is AI Content Generation?

AI Content Generation tools utilize the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. They analyze vast amounts of data using powerful processing capabilities. This analysis is used to generate written content. The generated output is in formats similar to how humans create content.

In other words, it is an AI-driven software tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). In addition, some tools combine language processing with competitor analysis and keyword research. All these inputs compose a complete SEO-friendly blog post for you. Mindboggling?

I was really excited when ChatGPT was released in November 2022. I am sure their approach will revolutionize the way we get access to create high quality content.

Today, AI writing tools leverage GPT-3 as the engine to generate content. These tools prompt you to input specific information in a text field, such as the title or keywords. This input gives the content ideas you are looking to generate.

The output is a large amount of content auto-generated quickly. But there are several drawbacks compared to skilled human writers. I will touch on these aspects later in this article.

Why Should You Use AI Content Generators?

There are several positives to using the power of AI Content Generators. In its current form, a content writing tool is a great productivity booster. It enables writers to produce more in comparatively much lesser time.

The following factors help to achieve higher productivity of content output.

  1. Get over writer’s block: AI tools enable you to get past the first blank page. Prolific writers often face this issue while getting started. The tool helps you get a nudge to start.
  2. Speed up topic research: If you need to research a topic from several sources, these tools do a great job in a short time. You can easily get a quick summary on almost any topic searchable on the internet.
  3. Generate article outlines: AI can generate a skeleton to build top-notch content. As you kickstart the first draft, this outline or template forms a solid foundation.
  4. Language corrections & rephrasing: The AI Tools do a great job of assisting the writing process with language corrections. They also suggest reader-friendly alternatives where required.
  5. SEO-friendly content: AI Tools assist writers in generating content that performs well in Search results.
  6. Get tailored output: You can define the type of output you are looking for. The types could be Blogs, social media posts, copywriting, SEO-writing, or email marketing copy.

Precautions While Using AI Content Generators

  1. Not Search friendly – Search engines penalize spammy & poor quality blogs written using AI tools. The generated content only presents available information differently. The author’s unique perspective is not captured here.
  2. Fact checks – AI-generated content could be factually incorrect. The content is from open sources learned on the web. The author needs to do a thorough fact-check.
  3. Human touch – Lack of human touch or the author’s style in the content is a problem. Text generated by a robot cannot match up to human skills. They do not have a “personality” and could be a monotone.
  4. Learning curve – Using AI Tools comes with a learning curve. The author needs to give appropriate prompts or inputs. These inputs direct the tool to generate the desired result.
  5. Budget – AI Tools come at a price. There are free tools with limited features. But the fancy ones cost dollars, and bloggers must budget for them.
  6. Flow of text – Do not submit content without proofreading. The AI-generated content may lack flow or have repetitive text. Authors need to be wary of such issues.
  7. Plagiarism – The current form of the output of AI Content tools do not attribute the source of the content. Therefore, writers need to do a thorough plagiarism check before publishing.
  8. Bias creep – An AI Tool’s content is as good as its sources of content or its training. There is a chance of prejudice based on its data sources.

Which Are The Five Best Free AI Content Generator Tools?

Content at Scale, Writesonic, and Jasper are rated as the leading AI Content generator tools in 2024. They have free trials before you start with the premium plans.

In this section, I have detailed the five best AI Content Generator free tools and pros and cons of each. These are free for life and have different levels of volume restrictions in the Free plan. Some of the AI writer free no sign up required.

It is ideal when you are a beginner, want to understand the tool for some time, and expect to have low volumes of of work. You have the option to later subscribe to the Premium Plans based on pricing key features.

1. Rytr

Rytr AI
Rytr AI

Rytr is a popular tool with five million+ users globally. Rytr has bagged impressive customers like Adidas, Ikea, Dell, and Ford.

It is an excellent all-rounder AI writing assistant. So, you don’t need to juggle between many tools for SEO content, Grammar, or Plagiarism checks. In addition, the Chrome Browser extension is very convenient. It helps you seamlessly work across blogs, social posts, or emails.

They have 40+ use cases and templates to choose from, so it covers a variety of writing needs. You get a choice of emotions through 20+ tones of voice in 30+ languages.


They have a generous free plan of 10,000 words per month with access to most of the tool functionalities. It also allows you to generate five images per month with AI. See the detailed pricing below.

Rytr AI Pricing
Rytr AI Pricing

2. Copy.AI

Copy.ai Writer
Copy.ai Writer

Copy.AI has excellent offerings for writing professional copies. They have marquee customers like Microsoft, Ogilvy, and Nestle.

They have 90+ tools and templates to streamline content production. Users can choose to write any of the following.

  1. Digital Ad copy
  2. E-commerce copy
  3. Sales copy
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Website copy
  6. Blog content

They recently announced the Chat interface for their users. With this tool, you can

  1. Scrape websites for public data
  2. Content marketers can generate personalized copies for outreach.
  3. Summarize YouTube videos into bullet points.
  4. Learn how prospects engage on LinkedIn.

I like the fact that Copy.AI regularly releases feature updates to its users. So the platform is always updated with the latest trends and enhancements. As a result, you can expect that even the free AI copywriting tool is relevant.


They have a forever-free offering with a 2000 words per month limit for one user. In addition, you can create unlimited projects and have access to the Blog Wizard tool. See pricing details in this screenshot.

Copy AI Pricing
CopyAI Pricing

3. Simplified

Simplified AI Writer
Simplified AI Writer

The Simplified AI content generator assists authors with writing copies. It could be a new copy from scratch or rewriting existing content.

This tool is handy if you would like to combine text generation with image and video editing. You can also seamlessly post that content on social media.

Simplified beats the competition with its speedy resizing of images or video. It offers many options to edit templates, including adjusting the hue and brightness. The tool also takes your videos up a notch with automated voiceovers.


With 2 million+ users, the free forever offering includes:

  • AI Content Writing: 2000 words of long form content with dozens of languages and tones.
  • Graphics Design: Fast design tools with lots of templates and 1 GB storage
  • Video Animation: Automated text-to-speech, voiceover, and free audio library; Watermarked videos.
  • Social Media Publishing: Up to 3 social channels with up to ten posts scheduled at a time.

See below for their AI Writer pricing plan:

Simplified AI pricing
Simplified AI pricing

4. SmartCopy

SmartCopy AI Writer
SmartCopy AI Writer

SmartCopy by Unbounce offers over 45 templates for content creation. Writers can use the tool for

  • Blog Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • Sales emails

They have an end-to-end marketing campaign tool integrated with AI Content Generation. This integration is their most significant differentiator. You can

  • Generate copies in the AI builder.
  • Build variants to personalize campaign messages.
  • Use the same messaging for Facebook / Google ads.

These features make it a perfect all-rounder for your content publishing requirements.


The free plan gives you 40 credits/month (10 credits get refreshed weekly). The credits can be utilized to write, expand, or remix content. In addition, you get access to 45+ templates in 30+ languages and a Chrome extension.

See detailed pricing plans below:

SmartCopy Pricing
SmartCopy Pricing

5. QuillBot

Quillbot AI Writer
QuillBot AI Paraphraser

QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool among the best free AI Content generators. It has a straightforward, beginner-friendly UI. Also, I found it very convenient that you can start using QuillBot without creating a login. The AI text generator free unlimited period.

The unique feature is the ability to compare outputs from seven different modes like Standard, Fluency, Simple, etc. You get access to an in-built Thesaurus to customize your paraphrases. The tool also shows you useful information like word count and percent changes.

I was impressed by one feature of this tool. It integrates directly into Chrome, Google Docs and Microsoft Word to edit text within these apps. So you don’t have to switch windows whenever you want to rephrase a sentence or paragraph.

You can go through my detailed QuillBot review to know more about the features and pricing.

The Premium subscription provides several powerful features like

  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Increased word count for Summarizer & Paraphraser.
  • More modes of text tone n Paraphraser.


Quillbot Pricing
QuillBot Pricing

My Final Take!

AI Content Generation tools offer significant benefits to bloggers. They are handy when you suffer from writer’s block. They are also helpful when creating outlines or detecting errors in your content.

These tools can help beginners or expert bloggers to write blog posts and copies quickly. In addition, it reduces the time to produce new content significantly.

So, they add value to the content generation process. But I reckon that these tools are far from replacing human writers. We took stock of the precautions to exercise while using AI Content Generators.

Your content source may be human-written or AI-generated. But I highly recommend that your article addresses Google’s search rater guidelines. It should meet the EEAT criterion. E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Here’s more on Google Search Rater guidelines.

Here’s a summary of the five best free AI Generator tools. You may decide why you should choose one over another. Many of these are considered a Jasper AI free alternative.

  1. Rytr is an excellent all-rounder AI Content Generator tool for beginners. The generous Free plan includes several advanced features like templates & Plagiarism checks.
  2. CopyAI is a tool of choice if you regularly have to write copies for Sales & Marketing purposes.
  3. Simplified stands out if you have a lot of images & videos along with text content generation. It has outstanding features for video editing too.
  4. SmartCopy is a good choice for teams running marketing campaigns. The integrated AI Content writer with campaign management is a great plus
  5. QuillBot is your choice if you are looking to paraphrase short paragraphs.

I look forward to hearing back about which free content generator tool worked for you. Do send in your comments.


Disclosure: Coolfundas is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Read more about the disclosure.

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